Three Sheep is where you can come to shop or learn a new skill, create something beautiful and be inspired by exceptional women and their artistry. Check out our Upcoming Events so you don't miss a demo, workshop or featured artist. We look forward to meeting and creating with you soon.


Our Story

There was a time in my life (and it's still happening) when I kept making friends with talented ladies. Each one creative in their own way. In my 40's I guess I was thinking about "retirement" years and how I would like to spend them. Well, wouldn't it be nice to have a place to live, a lodge perhaps, where your friends could join you, all bringing a little something different to the table, be it gardening, pottery, cooking, sewing... We could host retreats and be self-supporting, not a hippie commune, just good friends living a good life. Well, fast forward a few years and here I am at Three Sheep, gallery & workshop. My friends don't live with me, but we are all creative, and love sharing our talents with others. We strive to work well together, create well made items and want to share this experience with you.

Linda Shevel