This is just too much fun!

It really has been a lot of fun, meeting such nice (and talented) women, being surrounded with beautiful handmade art, getting to see how the art is created and getting to play a little myself. 

Our classes and workshops are going well. Last week Lynda Bumback from the HEAL program at St.E's came and talked to us about the program, it's history and it's importance to the community. It's wonderful that we have women donating their time and talent to help others in our community. After seeing Jeanette demonstrate some of her polymer clay techniques we're anxiously awaiting her class later this month. It's absolutely amazing what can be done with this medium. Laurie lead the first of her three alcohol ink painting classes last week. Some ladies chose their favorite colors, some made Christmas gifts and some didn't have a plan, but all the abstract tiles were stunning. In Laurie's next session, the class with create landscapes, it will be interesting to see how similar and how different they all will be. 

Spinning is taking off at Three Sheep. Barb held the first high/low tech spinning class. Each student received their own spindle made from a CD, fiber to spin and instruction from the "go to spinning teacher" in this area. The local spinning group was displaced from their meeting location and is now spinning the first Monday of each month at Three Sheep. If you're interesting in attending, just give us a call for the details. 330-953-3600. Oops, I almost forgot, Le Tour de Fleece is on and spinners all over the world are spinning yarn as the racers spin their wheels. The shop is open for public spinning Saturday July 16th and 23rd from 12:00 to 3:00.